About Me


I get you, I hear you, I see you. I say this because my journey has been far from perfect. There was a time in my life when I felt stuck, lost, confused, was in a deep dark depression, and didn’t know how to find my true inner light. I searched in all the wrong places for freedom and wholeness. This searching in all the wrong places led me to a bottom where I had no choice but to ask for help. I started to work with a coach, spiritual mentors, therapists, and holistic practitioners, as well as MDs to aid in continuing my healing journey mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

I work very hard at continuing to become the person who I strive to be and who was always within me since I was a little girl, the person who brings light into a room, the person who is able to help others knowing what it feels like to struggle and come out the other end. Because of my dedication to this work I want to pass it on because I never knew how much hope there was for me, how whole I could feel, how inspired I could be to reach for the stars and follow my dreams.

Also, it wasn’t just about feeling better it was also knowing how to not feel good and still know I am okay in this moment. This transformation of self has allowed me to expand my horizons and find my true calling which is helping others and becoming a mentor for women and men who have struggled like I have.

Through all the pain I’ve endured I’ve come out the other end. I have found light, love, connection, fulfilling relationships and freedom in my life. I have realized that my purpose on this earth is to connect, help each other and come together. I don’t feel alone anymore and you don’t have to either.